Short Story Review: The Yellow Wallpaper

Terrifying, but phenomenal.It’s only natural that an author would write about something they’re familiar with. This generally gives the reader a unique view into a certain experience, helping the reader sympathize and even at times empathize.Charlotte Perkins Gilman offers exactly this as the narrator in her story delves into the depression felt after childbirth: exploring... Continue Reading →

Gross Failures in COVID Reporting

Photo by Deniz Fuchidzhiev on UnsplashReporting Inextricable Statistics is a ProblemIf its use of these items is typical of the NHS at large, the range of daily demand would be between 7.5 million to 12 million, more than the 5.5 million actually supplied. [Source]It’s been quite clear from the beginning of the epidemic that statistical modelling is... Continue Reading →

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