PyCharm vs VSCode

OpinionIs it time to change your IDE?Photo by Thao Le Hoang on UnsplashMaybe I’m a bit behind the curve, or maybe because JetBrains have such a big hold on the Python IDE market, it became clear to me in a previous post that a lot more Python coders are using VSCode than I was expecting.Now I’ve used... Continue Reading →

4 Awesome COVID Machine Learning Projects

Forward thinking ways to apply Machine Learning in a PandemicPhoto by Neil Thomas on UnsplashNote from the editors: Towards Data Science is a Medium publication primarily based on the study of data science and machine learning. We are not health professionals or epidemiologists, and the opinions of this article should not be interpreted as professional advice. To... Continue Reading →

Rating the 8 Top Python IDE’s in 2020

PyCharm has CompetitionPhoto by Hybrid on UnsplashThe IDE you use can completely change your experience when programming. Especially in the early days when you’re learning, you can find it quite challenging if the IDE you use isn’t geared towards solving the problem that you face.At its best, programming is an expression of creativity because us, as... Continue Reading →

4 Sorting Algorithms in Python

Including Time Complexities and CodePhoto by Olav Ahrens Røtne on UnsplashHave you ever tried to sort a deck of cards by hand? You probably, intuitively, used the insertion sort algorithm. The following article will explain why this algorithm works and how long it takes. The good news is that you do end up with a sorted set,... Continue Reading →

Can you spot a DeepFake?

Facebook’s Contest proves it’s tougher than you think!Can you figure out which are real, and which are fake? Answer at the end of the article. [Image Credits: Facebook]As a machine learning enthusiast and practitioner, news of the results of Facebook’s AI contest twigged my ears.Note: Facebooks Public Announcement on the ResultsStarting back in September 2019, Facebook... Continue Reading →

How to Join DataFrames in Pandas in Python

{inner, outer, left, right}Photo by Sid Balachandran on UnsplashIn 2008, Wes Mckinney was at the Hedge Fund AQR and developed a small piece of software which became the pre-cursor to Pandas, developing and finalising it later on. Since then, Pandas has become one of the most important Python libraries that most Data Scientists (if not all) use... Continue Reading →

Ternary Conditional Operators in Python

Mastering Efficient List and Dictionary ComprehensionPhoto by Belinda Fewings on UnsplashPython is versatile to use and its goal is to make development easier for the user. Compared to C# or Java which are notoriously cumbersome to master, Python is relatively easy to get good at. Moreover, it’s relatively easy to get pretty damn good at.List and... Continue Reading →

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