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A Quick GuidePhoto by Adi Goldstein on UnsplashContentTutorials of your last discovery and achievement. Just made something really good? Spent your last night in a challenging part of code? Share it with everyone!Did you work on the last trending Python implementation? Be the first to talk about it on Medium!Totally rethought the User Interface of a famous... Continue Reading →

The Future of AI is in Model Compression

New research can reduce the size of your neural net in a super easy wayPhoto by Markus Spiske on UnsplashThe future looks towards running deep learning algorithms on more compact devices as any improvements in this space make for big leaps in the usability of AI.If a Raspberry Pi could run large neural networks, then artificial intelligence... Continue Reading →

If 2Pac Spoke the Queen’s English

Machine Learning, ProgrammingWhat is Neural Text-Style Transfer?Photo by Jan Střecha on UnsplashIf 2Pac was only allowed to release music under the pretence that his style was to match the Queen’s English, the world would have been a significantly worse place.The advent of Style transfer (the ability to project a style of one text to another) means... Continue Reading →

Python’s Raise Keyword

How to manually throw an exception in PythonPhoto by Jonathan Daniels on UnsplashException handling in Python can be daunting. I find it particularly difficult because as a researcher, I’m just not very good at thinking like a ‘programmer’ should. I’m thinking more about the speed of my optimisation procedures, rather than ‘is my code handling all edge... Continue Reading →

Is GPT-3 ‘Human’?

Natural Language ProcessingNeural Language Models and the Turing TestPhoto by Armin Lotfi on UnsplashPassing the Turing Test is a goal that many in the machine learning community hope for. It’s a test which if passed, indicates that the behavior of an AI is in-differentiable from a Human Being. In many cases, many applications in machine learning achieve... Continue Reading →

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