This Python Library Will Help You Build Scalable Data Science Projects

Pytest: A Testing Framework for Python Code How can you check that your code changes actually achieve what they’re meant to? Ensuring your code has integrity is actually quite difficult to ensure, especially at scale. Usually you’ll work in a large team with different people working on different parts of the system. Everyone is tinkering about with… Continue Reading →

The Top 4 Virtual Environments in Python for Data Scientists

Which Environment Is Yours? Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash Virtual Environments are a relatively difficult thing for new programmers to understand. One problem I had in understanding Virtual Environments was that I could see my environment existed within an MacOS framework, I was using PyCharm and my code was running, what else did I need? However,… Continue Reading →

Write For Us

A Quick Guide Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash Content Tutorials of your last discovery and achievement. Just made something really good? Spent your last night in a challenging part of code? Share it with everyone! Did you work on the last trending Python implementation? Be the first to talk about it on Medium! Totally rethought the… Continue Reading →

The Future of AI is in Model Compression

New research can reduce the size of your neural net in a super easy way Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash The future looks towards running deep learning algorithms on more compact devices as any improvements in this space make for big leaps in the usability of AI. If a Raspberry Pi could run large neural networks,… Continue Reading →

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